This Week's BONUS - Introducing the Gourmet Music Podcast - August 31st, 2017

BONUS - Introducing the Gourmet Music Podcast

"Under The Radar" started in 2008 as a syndicated radio show and podcast. In 2014, it become an independent non-profit organization. But now in 2017, it's time to pivot.  We are no longer built around a single radio show; we want this ministry to be a multi-media umbrella -- with content celebrating well-crafted, faith-inspired music. So the new name for the organization is UTR Media. And the first of 5 new podcasts is one that will have a ton of similar flavor to the old show, with a few new ingredients blended in as well. We are introducing the debut episode of the Gourmet Music Podcast!  In this 75-minute episode, we pack in a ton of amazing songs that have been released in the last 9 months. And we guarantee you will hear at least one artist you've never heard before! NOTE: If you use the Apple Podcast platform, we will not be adding new episodes beyond this one to the old "Under The Radar" feed. You will need to subscribe to the new Gourmet Music Podcast feed. *Also available on Stitcher.

All Radar Rewinds with guest Randy Stonehill - Episode #256 - July 29th, 2016

All Radar Rewinds with guest Randy Stonehill - Episode #256

From Day #1 of UTR, our most consistent tradition has been the Radar Rewind.  Every single episode in 350+ shows has included at least one homage to the gourmet music of yesteryear.  On this show (originally from 11/15/13), we honor the Radar Rewind for the whole hour, including some gems from The Lost Dogs, The Waiting, and Sixpence None The Richer.  Plus we feature an exclusive interview with CCM legend and GMA Hall of Famer Randy Stonehill.  What are some of your favorite Radar Rewind gems from 15+ years ago?  (Dave)

Rich Mullins Tribute, Pt.3 - Episode #206 - July 22nd, 2016

Rich Mullins Tribute, Pt.3 - Episode #206

One great thing about having a summer hiatus is the chance to re-visit some of the best UTR episodes from yesteryear.  I'm really proud of the finished product, which includes interviews with at least 10 different artists, some of Rich's best songs and underappreciated gems, and a variety of tribute songs. I hope we have helped people celebrate a talented man of God, and maybe even introduced a few more people this brilliant artist.  If this is a repeat for you, are you glad we re-aired these specials from 2012?  We'd also like to know if this re-airing is the first time your discovered these tribute episodes.  (Dave)

Rich Mullins Tribute, Pt.2 - Episode #205 - July 15th, 2016

Rich Mullins Tribute, Pt.2 - Episode #205

A few other audio tributes for Rich Mullins have been produced over the years, but I truly believe that our 3-part special stands up as one of the best.  At some point, I had heard that John J. Thompson had some very funny and unique interaction with Rich, and was one of the last people to see Rich before he died.  The audio stories he was able to share for this show were beyond my expectations, and added a personal and very human touch when honoring Rich.  Songwriter & Producer Ben Shive also shared with me about how Rich's music had a big impact on him and his circle of artist-friends.  By providence, at a media convention, I was able to greet one of my radio heroes, Jim Channel of Classic Christian Gold, and he donated the rare interview clips of Rich Mullins we aired on this week's special.  We have more discussion and tribute items shared on our Facebook page.  (Dave)

Rich Mullins Tribute, Pt.1 - Episode #204 - July 8th, 2016

Rich Mullins Tribute, Pt.1 - Episode #204

In a 1992 interview, Rich Mullins shared his mission.  It wasn't to evangelize.  It wasn't to raise funds for a charity.  It wasn't to sell the most albums.  His simple mission was this: to write good songs.  Wow.  At a time when most CCM artists mearly thought of their music as a means to some other "higher" agenda, Rich knew something very few did - that if God wired you to be a songwriter and a true artist, then creating well-crafted art was the best way to honor God.  Rich is one of those artists who is the definition of "gourmet music."  Over the course of 2 years, I interviewed several artists to get their thoughts on the legacy and impact of Rich and his music.  It culminated in this, a 3-part tribute to Mr. Mullins, which to this day I am so proud of how it turned out.  They stick out to me (and to many others who have told me) as one of UTR's crowning acheivements in radio production.  I'm excited to use this summer hiatus to revisit all 3 weeks of this tribute.  Feel free to share below a favorite Rich Mullins memory, song, or personal connection.  (Dave)

Best of 2016 So Far, Pt.2 - Episode #352 - July 1st, 2016

Best of 2016 So Far, Pt.2 - Episode #352

This episode was NOT supposed to happen (true).  Our summer hiatus was going to be 8 weeks long and begin this week.  But as we scoured and sampled all the great picks from the UTR Critics, we decided to make it a 2-part episode, and shrink our summer break by one week. These episodes are so fun to produce, and it's always great getting input from our Music Panelist friends.  It always results in some new discoveries for us too.  In fact, this week will be the UTR debut of three artists: Clay Kirchenbauer, Anchor & Braille, and Dogs of Peace. I'm excited that we feature some UTR favorites (The Gray Havens, Gungor, Griffin House), two veteran artists making comebacks (Out of the Grey, Dogs of Peace), and a couple of stellar female vocalists that we are falling in love with (Brettan Cox, Holly Ann).  Over the next 7 weeks during our hiatus, we'll be picking out some true episode gems from our archives, beginning with the re-airing of our highly acclaimed 3-part tribute special to Rich Mullins (originally from 2012).

Best of 2016 So Far, Pt.1 - Episode #351 - June 24th, 2016

Best of 2016 So Far, Pt.1 - Episode #351

I always love the episodes that feature picks from our Critics Panel - you know the music is going to be stellar.  This is once again true with this jam-packed hour of music.  In fact, we originally only planned on airing one "Best of 2016A" episode, but there were so many stellar picks that we allowed it to spill into two full episodes.  Not only to we get to hear perennial favorites like Andy Gullahorn & Needtobreathe, but we also get introduced to some brand new music - including the UTR debuts of Consumed By Fire, Erik Nieder, and Cory Henry.  Browse the whole list of all the cited albums and songs by our Critics. Look for Part 2 on this theme coming July 1.  (Dave)

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