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What is your *musical* New Year’s Resolution?

posted: December 29th, 2016 by Dave Trout

The new year is a time for fresh starts, which often means a time for individuals to make resolutions to help them adjust some priorities. The idea of New Year's Resolutions has been under a lot of scrutiny, mainly because most of us can't even make it out of January before those goals are broken. However, the University of Scranton did research to show that if you or I explicitly make a resolution, we are 10 times more likely to achieve it than if we don't explicitly make that resolution.  So we asked our UTR community to explicitly make a musical resolution for the year ahead, and we received over 100 responses (here are some - which might inspire you)...

* "To check out and invest in at least 6 new (to me) artists." [Laurel in KS]
* "Use more music in my daily time with God." [Susan in PA]
* "Try different genres that I am less inclined to listen to more often." [Christopher in MA]
* "Binge listen to one new (to me) artist each month." [Brian in VA]
* "Expand my music base by a band per month... go explore!" [Claire in KS]
* "Buy more physical albums from artists I love, instead of just using Pandora or other streaming apps." [Olivia in TX]

* "Practice more hammered dulcimer and learn to play Rich Mullins' '78 Eatonwood Green.'" [Amy in WI]
* "I used to play the cello every day and take lessons but this has tapered off since I've finished college. In 2017, I want to play again!" [Ruth in WA]
* "I resolve to complete at least one Christian parody rock song per month for the whole year." [Jerry in OR]
* "Book more gigs for the new year. We need to redouble our commitment to play for senior care centers that don't get much entertainment." [Jeff in KS]
* "Put Bible verses to music to help my daughter and I memorize more!" [Julianne in NJ]
* "Record and release my first full-length album!" [Libby in MN]

* "Donate money to every UTR compilation album I download, and contact the bands whose music gives me chills and joyous sighs." [Kel in OH]
* "Support more indie artists financially." [Timothy in LA]
* "I'll back two or more music Kickstarters in the next 12 months." [Carrie in NC]
* "Use my salary to buy every album that I love and I pirated as a teenager." [Tamas in Hungary]
* "Leave a $4 tip for 'free' downloads to help support the music makers!" [Cara in OH]
* "Do more music campaigns - more than just buying a CD - especially support new upcoming artists." [Jamie in PA]

* "Host 4 concerts at my church." [John in OH]
* "Even though I live in Oregon, I desperately want to make it to my first Behold The Lamb of God concert!" [Cindy in OR]
* "Attend at least 8 concerts. I always talk myself out of the 2.5 hour trip to the nearest city because of time, money, kids, etc. This year I am going to cut the excuses and make some concert memories!" [David in MN]
* "See a live show at 5 new venues." [Andrew in LA]
* "Host our first house concert." [Lisa in NJ]
* "Attend Escape To The Lake!" [Jeff in TX]

As you can see, some of these are ambitious and some of these are a help to take one step in the right direction.  We respect each person explicitly stating their resolution, which greatly increases the chance that it will be achieved!  Are you inspired by any of these ideas?  What is your musical New Year's Resolution? [Feel free to use the comment section below to explicitly state your goals - big and small. They might even inspire others!]

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