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UTR’s Kickstarter is Here! Help UTR go to the next level!

posted: October 17th, 2016 by Dave Trout

WHATCHAGONNADOOO, world of indie music... after a crowd-funded relaunched Under The Radar runs wild on you?! Brother. -- Acoustic Hulk Hogan

Our first ever Kickstarter Campaign is now LIVE (thru 11/15/16), and would love to have YOU get involved as a backer. We are passionate about connecting discerning audiences with underdog artists making well-crafted faith-inspired music.  If you are familiar with Kickstarter, you know that we need to reach 100% of our goal ($13,000) or we don't get a penny. [As a backer, you register your Credit/Debit Card on the secured Kickstarter site, but your card is not charged until the end of a fully-funded campaign.]

This campaign will allow us to take this ministry to the next level with a whole creative relaunch, including a new mobile-friendly website, fresh updated branding, a new emphasis on high-quality video content, new expanded audio podcasting, releasing 5 new NoiseTrade-style compilation albums, and the first stage leading to a 24-hr streaming channel.


Instead of procrastinating on this (we know how much fun procrastination can be), allow us to give you 3 reasons why it's helpful to get your support on the early side of this campaign:

  1. Involvement and healthy growth in a campaign can be contageous. Get involved early, and there's a greater chance that other's will follow your lead.
  2. We have backer-only emails we send with updates. Getting plugged in early allows you to be a part of the whole journey.
  3. Some of our reward tiers have limited quantities available.  One tier is even claimed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.  Join in, get some cool rewards, and help our ministry become one of THE leading voices in the world of independent Christian music.


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