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Has UTR Been A Blessing To You?

posted: November 18th, 2015 by Dave Trout

Do we want you to be entertained? Sure.  Do we want to be a trusted source for new musical discoveries? Of course.  But our primary goal is to present content that enriches your life spiritually.  We asked if anyone wanted to share how Under The Radar has been a blessing to them, and we were overwhelmed with the responses this month.  Here's some of the wonderful words of encouragement:

"Some of the songs played on UTR Radio have been like a magnet that turns me in the right direction, especially when i'm struggling with something. A while ago I was struggling with something, and I heard Andy Gullahorn's song "Freedom" and it just fixed my perspective. Yeah, Under The Radar songs help fix my perspective. I'm grateful and thankful your program points me to Jesus." - Hilary in Dingmans Ferry, PA

"UTR has blessed me by inviting me to worship in diverse ways through introducing me to excellent music. They are also letting me feel a part of the community of people that appreciates that music and its meaning!" - Albert in Spartanburg, SC

"UTR features my kind of music. It's not like regular churchy radio. It's incredibly heartfelt music by exceptionally talented singer/songwriters; true artists that many people don't even know exist. The lyrical stories draw me near to my Savior and often times directly align with my daily walk with the Lord." - Colter in Katy, TX

"The UTR community is beautiful. It's a joy to witness talented artists getting the recognition they deserve. Scrolling through comments feels like sharing a special secret with friends. It's our own unique fandom for creative, spirtually-focused music. Lots of blessings have been passed around, so thank you UTR!" - Michelle in Middlesex, NJ

"UTR has helped me to find new music I really love, grow closer in my walk with Christ , and help me get to know new people." - Amy in Chillicothe, OH

"UTR has completely shaped my listening preference and library. Starting with Andrew Peterson years ago, I'm now a fan of so many musicians that fly under the radar.  Just today on way to hospital with my son and wife, I chose to play Sara Groves because I needed the gentle truth that comes through her melodies and lyrics. Thanks UTR! Keep up the good work!" - Tom in Noblesville, IN 

"UTR has been meaningful to me by bringing me music that isn't fluff, but music that deals with real life issues and then shows me Christ." - Eric in Clyman, WI 

"UTR has introduced me to musical artists that I wouldn't have otherwise heard, which has contributed immeasurably to my spiritual growth. Thank you!" - Duska in Charleston, IL 

"I've been listening to UTR for some time now, and I can say that the artists I got to know through the program have a permanent space in my heart. These voices will stay in my mind forever, and their music, their thought and their words will continually help me process life in this world. They help me understand God and beauty in a meaningful way, and be more happy with life in this world. Thank you, Under The Radar!" - Filipe in Schenectady, NY

"I love hearing the creative and spiritual stories behind the artists process. Thank you for putting on such an inspirational show that ministers to me and so many others!" - Amy in San Antonio, TX

This is a small sampling of folks from all over the country - really all over the globe - who have experienced spiritual impact through the ministry of Under The Radar.  If you would like to share your story or words of encouragement, you can do so below.

Also, it's important to note that these lives (and thousands of others) would not have received this ministry if it wasn't for the faithful support of UTR donors. We are a listener-supported ministry, and these comments give just a taste of the impact that your investments have.  We invite you to stand behind this ministry by becoming a supporter of UTR and make a difference in the lives of artists and listeners.

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