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UTR New Album: 20-Track ETTL 2016 Sampler (Free!)

posted: August 4th, 2016 by Dave Trout

We are excited to release UTR's latest album:  a 20-track Sampler featuring all of the ETTL 2016 artists.  ETTL is happening August 8-11 in Cedar Lake, IN - which is UTR's flagship event each year.  These 20 songs are available for free through the download widget below or direct from the NoiseTrade site.  If you feel so inclined, tips are appreciated, and all monies go to support UTR's non-profit work (including making future album downloads possible).  SEVEN of the tracks are new exclusive songs/versions that were previously unreleased to the public! Enjoy!

1. Hurricane - 6'10
2. Real Fine Day - Mike Farris
3. Second Guess Girl (Remix) [prev. unreleased] - Sara Groves
4. Too Good (Live) [prev. unreleased] - Jess Ray
5. Take It From The Top - Nick Flora
6. Farthest Shore - Eric Peters
7. Walk (Live) - Joy Ike
8. Ghost of a King - The Gray Havens
9. There Is A Balm In Gilead - Giants & Pilgrims
10. Faraway Land [prev. unreleased] - Adam Whipple
11. Anything But Fail - Christopher Williams
12. Quiet On The Porch [prev. unreleased] - The Mosleys
13. Night (Acoustic) [prev. unreleased] - Chris & Jenna
14. Kumalo - Matthew Clark
15. I Cannot Not [prev. unreleased] - Zach Vinson
16. Wonderfully Made - Joel Ansett
17. American Scarlet [prev. unreleased] - Adrian Mathenia
18. Silly Bob - La-La Lisa & the BGA Band
19. Yours Again - Taylor Leonhardt
20. Secrets - Roy Salmond

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