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UTR Media’s New Online Home -

posted: September 30th, 2017 by Dave Trout

We've got the foot on the gas as we make some major updates and improvements to our ministry as part of our 2017 creative relaunch.  This current site ( is in its final weeks of existence. In fact, we have a new online home now - and all our new content will be posted there.  Check out....!

What you see these weeks is actually PHASE 1 of our new website. We will have a more robust website in the weeks to come. When we get to PHASE 2, we will officially phase out this "radarradio" site and it will automatically forward to the new URL. During the buildout of PHASE 2, we needed to keep this current site active - both so we can do a careful migration of all our donor accounts and that we don't lose the content we want to keep.  But for all new updates and content, please visit

Special thanks to the amazing work of New Frame Creative (out of Knoxville, TN) and Big Ocean Studios (out of Chicago, IL) for their help designing, building, & launching these major improvements to our online presence.  And if your business needs web help (big or small), we highly recommend these companies!

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