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The God of "Re"

posted: March 20th, 2009 by Dave Trout

Are Christians allowed to hate things? If so, then I need to confess that I hate winter. I grew up and still live in Chicago - enough said. There's a sinking feeling in my heart when the beautiful, crisp autumn air turns into a bitter, nipping cold. Especially depressing is that it's just the beginning and no relief will be found for 5 months. I find it no surprise that C.S. Lewis used winter as a metaphor for evil and hopelessness!

Spring Again

But here we stand, on the doorstep of spring. As the temperatures slowly rise and our cabin fever melts away, we are filled with anticipation and excitement for the newness of what lies ahead.

Earlier this year, I featured the song "Spring Again" by Lanae Hale (Centricity Music). The lyrics of this song highlight our knack to fail and fall short, and God's nature to offer forgiveness and second chances.

In fact, while our staff was doing some branding work on a new ministry name, we talked a bit about how God is the God of "Re". Think of all the things He does in us: renew, revive, restore, rebirth, reform, refocus, refresh, redeem (and the list goes on). We were so impacted by this that we decided to change our ministry name to "ReFrame Media".

These are difficult days for our nation, for business, and for ministry. In my eyes, spring couldn't come any sooner. Nature is giving all of us a practical reminder that the God of "Re" is at work in us and through us. He's in the business of Re-ing our lives and all of creation.

C.S. Lewis' vivid transformation of Narnia from the winter's cold to the rebirth of spring represents something we could all use a little more of... hope.

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