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Snowy Slow Down

posted: December 9th, 2009 by Dave Trout

This morning, the town where I live experienced the first snowfall of the season. I'm sure it was pretty. I'm sure God wanted to remind me of the whiteness of His forgiveness. But, I was running late on getting my kids to school, so we were rush, rush, rushing. As my car slid on the cold pavement, I was beginning to look at the snow as a serious inconvenience; heaven forbid I have to drive 5 MPH slower!

The Christmas season tends to bring out the worst of our impatience. Yes, the cards are stacked against us. On the one hand, there seems to be so much more to do this time of year - church plays, family gatherings, school performances, social parties, cooking, cleaning, shopping. Yet, as we try to fit in more this month, everything tends to take longer to accomplish - more layers to bundle up in, more time for your car to warm up, more traffic to fight, longer lines to stand in, and to cap it all off... snow! Ugh!

If I quieted my life enough, I might notice that God is speaking through the snow. He's reminding all of us that our souls are made spotless, clean, and pure through the forgiveness we have in Jesus. Instead, I get upset at the snow because it slows me down. But maybe that's exactly what I need.

Could I busy my life to the point that I miss the point - even miss the manger itself? For this reason I am so happy for the reminders in my life that will cause me to never forget my Savior's birth. I see it in the Advent wreath, that builds anticipation. I hear it in the old Christmas hymns that are played by even the most pagan radio station. I find it in the candles and lights placed in windows, proclaiming that the Light of the world has come. I see it... yes, even in the snow.

This coming weekend, we will air the first of 3 all-Christmas music episodes of "Under The Radar". We find unique and creative remakes of holiday classics alongside thoughtful Christmas originals from some under-appreciated songwriters. I invite you to listen or download, even take with you during those busy hustle-and-bustle moments, and let the music draw you to the manger.


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