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posted: August 28th, 2017 by Dave Trout

We have lots of exciting things blooming because of the re-launch and re-brand to UTR Media.  We have a new website coming very soon (both mobile friendly and user friendly). We will be doing a lot more video productions, including full-length interviews with folks like Burlap To Cashmere, Sara Groves, Branches, etc, and shorter specialty features with Andrew Peterson, Nick Flora, Brettan Cox, and more. We are planning to release 2 more compilation albums on NoiseTrade this year AND we're working on a Rich Mullins Tribute Album for 2018. On top of all this, we will be launching 5 brand new podcasts over the next several weeks -- all sharing a unique vantage point on the world of well-crafted faith-inspired music.  Today marks the launch of the first of these shows: THE GOURMET MUSIC PODCAST.

The Gourmet Music Podcast carries much of the same heart and soul as the old "Under The Radar" radio show (which retired in November 2016).  This all-music show is present some of the most meaningful, authentic, creative, & heartfelt music being created today by Christian songwriters.  We like to think of it as Bono-approved music. wink

Here is how to listen to Episode 1 of the new show:

You can find Episode 1 of the Gourmet Music Podcast in the iOS Podcast App or on iTunes.

You can find Episode 1 of the Gourmet Music Podcast on Stitcher or the Stitcher App (*new* option for UTR!).  

You can find Episode 1 of the Gourmet Music Podcast using our Feedburner page.  Look for the "Play Now" button on the bottom, and that will you an option to download to your device/computer.

Thanks being an early adopter to the new show! A huge way to help us out is to spread the word by email, social media, text, morse code, etc.  And please rate & review the podcast on the platform you use (it helps in making the show visible to more people).

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