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Losing Your Thanksgiving

posted: November 25th, 2009 by Dave Trout

How thankful are you the day after Thanksgiving?

I mean, we sit at our tables, with turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy and talk about how blessed we are. We say prayers of thanks to God and we thank the people in our lives for the things they have done for us. We remember the people that have died in the past, and the troubles we had to face to get to where we are in life, love, and a million other things.

And then we put away the turkey and buy a newspaper so we can scope out the best deals. We make plans of attack, pack baggies full of food so that we can eat in line while waiting at Best Buy, Macy's and Target. We forget everything we were so grateful for not even an hour ago and make plans to buy things that are bigger, better, and much more attractive. We get angry and frustrated when we get to the store and they are SOLD OUT of the product we want. We make a fuss about the lines and the lack of parking spaces. We complain about the staff that have left their families early on this Holiday weekend and have been there for hours just to open the store at 5am. We forget everything that happened last night.

Isn't something wrong with that?

Here we were just thanking God for what we have and now we're trying to get MORE stuff. We've made a production out of Thanksgiving, but just like the theatre, once it's over it's just a memory - rarely to be thought of again.

To help along these lines, "Under The Radar" this weekend presents a Thanksgiving special where all the music focuses on the theme of gratefulness. Maybe if we remind ourselves enough, we'll remember that thankfulness is a 365-day occurrence in the year of the Christ follower.

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