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Like Father Like Son

posted: June 19th, 2009 by Dave Trout

Father's Day is just around the bend, and I'll admit that it's nice to get that proverbial pat on the back from the family. But as a wise radio station manager once told me, "You can never outgive your kids." Yes, so true! Even though parents give up time, energy, money, and freedom to care for children, it can't compare to the love, fun, joy, and newfound purpose a parent receives in return.

As a dad of 3 children, I know first-hand the weight of responsibility a father carries. My kids learn a lot more through my everyday actions than I care to admit to. And not just the times I interact with them, but just by them observing how I respond to everyday life. If I freak out over bad weather, they'll probably learn to do the same.

Case in point... my 4-yr-old son Sammy carries my personality. From his love for music, to his sense of humor, to his cravings for salty snacks -- he's my spitting image. Poor soul, he has even inherited my love for the woeful Chicago Cubs!  And when he's in public, being admired for how funny, intelligent, or adorable he is -- my heart swells as if I myself were receiving the admiration.

Do you think that maybe our Heavenly Father wants us to be His spitting image? Those times that we are representing Him well, I'm sure it puts a smile on His heart.

But the temptation is to wear a fake spirituality so that it looks like we're close to God. How could God want me to walk with authenticity when I'm so flawed and scarred by sin? And there's God, speaking to me through my children once again - the real life parable before my eyes.

Of course He loves me unconditionally. Of course He accepts me, flaws and all. Of course He's cheering for me. Of course He wants me to be transparent - no hidden corners of my life. Of course He wants to impart His character in me and help to bear His fruit in my life.

In celebration of Father's Day weekend, I'll be playing a few creative songs about the joys and woes of being a Dad - from the likes of Rich Mullins, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Randall Goodgame. Check out UTR episode #32, beginning 6/19/09.

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