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posted: September 16th, 2014 by Dave Trout

It's time to move from being a UTR consumer into being a UTR participant.  For the first time ever, we are inviting you into an official unpaid union (aka, volunteer group) - the UTR TEAMSTERS!  Last week we shared the background on what has led us to this need to launch a volunteer team.  Now you can officially join the club.  The best part is that you don't have to have any prior skills, and we can use any level of commitment - even a few seconds each day.  Here's your options:

LEVEL ONE – 1-3 minute commitment per month

You can help spread the word about what UTR is doing - and we don't need your time as much as we do your voice.  You'll use your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or email account (or all of the above) to help our message extend farther.  As you actively like, share, & re-tweet our posts, it will allow more people to see what we’re doing.

Level One Reward:  You will be lavished with thanks for your support.  And you will get at least 2 exclusive full album downloads from UTR artists annually.

LEVEL TWO – 20-40 minute commitment per month

You are proud to wave the UTR flag, and now your help can keep our little train moving forward.  You would be given small specialty projects – which won’t require any special skills (unless we communicate that in advance).  With the deeper commitment comes a step further into the inner workings of UTR.  You might be asked to help transcribe interview questions, submit possible posts for Facebook and Twitter, help promote a UTR concert in your area, vote on show ideas, do mini graphic design projects, and be a stable part of the team that enables us to work with excellence.

Level Two Reward:  Besides our props and respect, you will also be the first to know a lot of the behind-the-scenes plans at UTR.  And you will get at least 4 exclusive full album downloads AND 4 autographed CDs from UTR artists annually.

LEVEL THREE – 90+ minute commitment per month

These are the folks who already take ownership of the vision and ministry of UTR and are willing to be a part of a core team to work more hands-on with Dave.  At this level, you might be able to put special skills to the test - as a writer, designer, editor, promoter, or strategist. This team would be a trusted small group – called upon to help make decisions and chart the course for the future.  A handful of dedicated volunteers can make a huge difference with our ministry potential.

Level Three Reward:  On top of our sincere appreciation, you will become a key supporter and influencer for the future of UTR and will work closely with Dave. You will receive at least 6 exclusive full album downloads, 6 autographed CDs, and a bonus premium item in our prize closet.  You will also receive your choice of a UTR cap, UTR t-shirt, or an ETTL t-shirt.

After you consider what level you can commit to (hopefully level one is doable for everyone reading this) - you fill out the simple sign up form here.  We will mainly be following up via email, and will kick things into gear after we close this signup window (open enrollment for UTR TEAMSTERS will be 9/15/14 thru 10/31/14). 

How will we know if someone follows through on their commitment? You will be on the honor system.  Prior to sending a reward, you may get occasional surveys to ask if you are still actively supportinging UTR.  We know "life happens," so there may be seasons where you need to step away from volunteering.  Our THANKS goes out to everyone who makes any level of commitment, but our REWARDS will be sent only to those who did the work behind the commitment. 

Are you in?  Look forward to having you as a UTR TEAMSTER!

Sign-Up Form for UTR TEAMSTERS

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