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Happening Now: BUILDATHON 2016

posted: December 21st, 2016 by Dave Trout

BUILDATHON is a time we set aside annually to celebrate the various ways God has used the ministry of UTR over the past year.  You'll see quotes, pics, links, and videos on our website and Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram pages that feature UTR listener testimonies and UTR artist gratitude.  We will also invite you to become more involved and invested in our mission.  BUILDATHON 2016 is now through December 31.

We are so blessed to have a constant stream of encouraging notes that share how UTR's minstry is vital and needed right now.  Here's just a couple of recent quotes:
* "Under The Radar has been an incredible encouragement to me. I have found myself laughing, crying, and finding healing through the depth and quality of music and personal stories of the artists that UTR presents. I've discovered so many artists who have encouraged my spiritual walk that I never would have otherwise experienced without UTR." -- Carl A. in Salem, OR
* I'm often asked, 'Where are the artists who are approaching music like you are?' And I would say the #1 place would be Under The Radar. They really fill a space that no one else is filling. They are carefully curating faith-informed music from every quarter of the country. It's a beautiful community, and I think it's an important thing to support." -- Sara Groves, recording artist

Has UTR's content, posts, events, or music been a blessing to your spiritual life this last year? We would love to hear your story, and maybe even share it with the rest of the UTR community. Send a note (or even better, a video selfie) to

Do you believe well-crafted music can be spiritually impactful? Do you want to foster a platform for independent "non-CCM" Christian artists to have a voice? Stand with UTR now with a 1x or easy-monthly gift and be a true partner in our mission. UTR is a 501c(3) non-profit organization, and all donations received on or before 12/31/16 qualify for a 2016 tax write-off.

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