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Grassroots Pizza

posted: April 17th, 2009 by Dave Trout

I was hanging out in the break room in our office building recently, when a conversation topic came up that grabbed my attention immediately... pizza! One of the major blessings about growing up and living in Chicago is no shortage of amazing pizza joints. So when my co-workers were bantering about their favorite slice, I thought I should join in and enlighten the group on what I put on my "critics best" list.

I thought God had purposely ordained my presence there so I could proselytize for my favorite pizza makers. Even though I wanted to disagree with everyone else's choices, I couldn't help but notice Deb's conviction. Alli Rogers She and I had a similar passion for pizza, and her all-time favorite was one I had never tried before, and it happened to be a restaurant only 1 mile from my house. I started to wonder if I might be missing out on something good. A perfect example of grassroots marketing!

One of my favorite parts of my radio program is how listeners always get involved and turn me on to excellent music. Recently, Cory from Florida suggested we play the song "Closer to the Moon" by Alli Rogers, an artist that is largely unknown, but deserves some attention. In fact, Christianity Today said, "Alli Rogers' lyrics make listeners think, and smart songwriting is something that never goes out of style." Cory shared what makes this slice of music so good:

This is probably one of the best-written songs I have heard in a long time. There seems to be so many layers to this song both lyrically and musically, it's a song that you have to sit down and listen to it a handful of times to really get a true appreciation for it.

I'm sold! And Cory was right. It's a beautiful song, and I'll be playing it on my program this coming weekend. It's nice to spread the word about things you believe it - including good songs and good pizza.

By the way, I tried Deb's recommended pizza shop - twice in the last month - and it's now one of my family's favorites.

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