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Get To Know Intern Kayla

posted: September 4th, 2015 by Dave Trout

For the first time since our independent "second launch," Under The Radar has a college intern to help us out this semester.  We're really happy that Kayla VanWyk joined the UTR Team earlier this week. One of the professors at her college called her "one of our brightest students."  So we asked her a bunch of meaninful (and not-so-meaningful) questions to get to know Kayla better, and here's what we learned:

School: Trinity Christian College
Year and Major: Senior Communication Arts major
Hometown: Pella, Iowa
Siblings: 2 older brothers, Shawn and Cory, and 2 step siblings, Johnathon and Allie
Best movie you’ve seen in the last 5 years: American Sniper
Favorite thing on McDonald’s menu: Cinnamon Melts
Best class you’ve taken in college: Theology: The Nature and Ministry of the Church
Something on your bucket list: Traveling to Italy
Soft drink of choice: I don’t really like pop, so…lemonade?
Favorite aisle in the grocery store: Coffee aisle
Farthest place you’ve traveled: London and Liverpool, England
Type of car you drive: 2002 Toyota Camry
Best concert you’ve attended: Walk the Moon at Cultivate Festival in Chicago
Book you’re currently reading: Rereading The Last Battle from the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis
Favorite sport to play: Soccer
Great artist you just discovered in 2015: I Am They
Skim, 2% or whole milk: I used to be a die-hard 2%er, but I’ve gradually shifted to 1%
Social media you use the most: Instagram
Favorite TV show: Gilmore Girls
Most memorable Christmas gift: Set of drinking glasses with The Beatles on them
Fruit or vegetable you despise: peas
Favorite F word that’s not “the F word”: funky
Smartphone app you highly recommend: Snapchat

One of Kayla's first tasks is for her to use her youthful skillset to get us out of the Stone Age by launching a UTR Instagram account.  And speaking of social media, you can find Kayla (and say "howdy") on Twitter, @vanwykk10.

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