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Full Details on UTR’s Mega Box Set

posted: December 8th, 2014 by Dave Trout

UTR needs your help to re-launch our ministry as an independent non-profit. The most helpful type of gift is a monthly recurring investment that will help us sustain our mission for the future. Thanks to the generosity of many artists, we were able to offer some monthly 'thank you' rewards for your financial participation.  Right now, we have folks supporting UTR at all different dollar amounts -- and that's up to you to decide what is best for you and your family.  Currently, the average monthly gift is about $40/mo. Those who pledge to give at Level 3 ($25-49/mo) will receive UTR's Mega Box Set download of 40 songs by 40 UTR artists.  Here is the finalized track list for this incredible reward.

** exclusive unreleased and not-yet-released tracks

UTR's MEGA BOX SET DOWNLOAD (available exclusively to Level 3 supporters)

  1. "Back's Against The Wall" - Judah & The Lion
  2. "Strangely Ready" - Sara Groves
  3. "We All Know" - The Choir
  4. "Of This I'm Sure (acoustic)" - Jenny & Tyler **
  5. "Rally Those Hopes" - Giants & Pilgrims
  6. "Don't You Want To Thank Someone (acoustic)" - Andrew Peterson
  7. "Basic Instructions (Live from ETTL)" - Burlap To Cashmere **
  8. "Reality Came Crashing Down" - Eric Peters
  9. "Time" - Joy Ike
  10. "Break The Cycle" - The Vespers **
  11. "In The Arms of Jesus" - Andrew Osenga
  12. "It Will Pass" - Jill Phillips
  13. "Love Grace and Mercy" - Daniel Amos
  14. "Set Our Sail" - Chris Taylor
  15. "Blink" - Vanita Joines
  16. "Hide and Seek (acoustic cover)" - Chris and Jenna **
  17. "Deep Deep" - Zach Winters
  18. "She Needs Love" - Michelle Thompson
  19. "You Hypocrite" - Randall Goodgame **
  20. "You Were There" - The Farewell Drifters
  21. "Thornside" - Matt Brouwer
  22. "Redeemed" - Christopher Williams
  23. "I've Been Searching" - Andrew Greer
  24. "It's You" - Christa Wells
  25. "Piece Me Together" - Arthur Alligood
  26. "Tired of Me (Live)" - Nick Flora **
  27. "Take Your Mind Off It" - The 77s
  28. "These Boots Are Made For Walking (cover)" - Jessica Campbell **
  29. "Line In The Sand" - Andy Gullahorn
  30. "For The Healing" - Tanya Godsey
  31. "Remind Me Who I Am (Live from ETTL)" - Jason Gray **
  32. "Voice I Long To Hear" - Nathan Tasker
  33. "I Dream Of You" - JJ Heller
  34. "Nobody Remembers What You Say" - Adam Whipple
  35. "Unafraid" - Dan and Lauren Smith
  36. "Hope Won't Disappoint Me" - Mercy Child **
  37. "Till and Mule" - Julie Lee
  38. "Tether My Soul" - Tara Leigh Cobble
  39. "Everything Is Gonna Be" - Deni Gauthier
  40. "Dream Coming True" - Rebekah Maddux El-Hakam

Those who sign up to contribute at the 3rd level ($25-49/mo) not only receive a download of this entire box set, but they also receive our Level 1 & 2 rewards, which includes an exclusive monthly email to supporters with a free monthly download, AND a membership to UTR's new Backstage Pass club, which includes a monthly full-album download from a UTR artist, montly special exclusive UTR content, an invitation to a private Skype concert, and an on-air thank you (on UTR) for your support. Thank you for considering an investment in the future of Under The Radar.

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That is indubitably “mega” - not sure we can swing 3rd level, but it sure makes a nice list to create a playlist from!

mschmaldienst 10:15 AM Tue, Dec 30, 2014

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