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Forget the Gospel

posted: April 8th, 2009 by Dave Trout

Prince of EgyptThe Red Sea parts miraculously. The Israelites walk through. The Egyptian soldiers in pursuit drown as God folds the sea shut. A million or more of God's chosen people rejoice and worship. Credits roll... right? I sometimes wish the Biblical account was able to mirror the movie The Prince of Egypt. But what actually happened next would ruin that happy ending.

Exodus 15 picks up with the first moments after the Israelites were safe on dry ground. By the end of that chapter, the people were grumbling against Moses because they couldn't find fresh water. By Exodus 16:3 - just days after their miraculous escape - the people were wishing they could be slaves in Egypt once again. They had forgotten that just as God took a million people out of slavery in one fell swoop, he had the power and might to be their provider.

As we look ahead to the most important holiday on the Christian calendar, I realize how fragile my memory is and how hard my heart can become. Just this last Sunday, our church celebrated the Lord's Supper together. I needed it. I needed the quiet time of remembrance over what Jesus did for me. It had been too long since I truly paused and thanked Him for the Cross.

It's so easy for me to point my finger at the Hebrew people, saying "How could you ever experience the miraculous power of God and forget so quickly?" Yet, here I am today, standing pardoned from my sin and alive in the power of the Resurrection. The miracle of grace is extended to me every day. And still, I forget, I doubt, I grumble.

And here is God, ever patient with His complaining children. And just like the many times He told the Israelites, " you will know that the LORD brought you out of Egypt," He speaks to us today - through creation, Scripture, people, music, etc. - to remind us that He is the one who rescued us from slavery and gave us new life. I am so thankful He doesn't give up on a forgetful soul like me, who needs to be reminded of the Gospel every day.

To help us re-center our thoughts, episode #22 of Under The Radar is a collection of creative songs that celebrate the Cross and the Resurrection.

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