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forBrothers World Premiere Video #3 of 3: “Make Something Right”

posted: May 15th, 2017 by Dave Trout

If you haven't yet seen them, check out the world premiere video #1 "Fall On Me" and video #2 "Foothold" from New Jersey folk-rock outfit forBrothers.  This is the 3rd and final debut music video premiering at UTR - also coming from the new project Fool {live and acoustic}.  And this song "Make Something Right" was cited as one of the Top Gourmet Songs of 2015 by the UTR critics panel. Here's what forBrothers' lead singer Shaant Shishmanian shared about the story behind this song:

This song was inspired by conversations I had with my bandmate Ben about the tragedy of human trafficking.  Several years before our first album, Ben and I came up with the chorus "Make Something Right Again" but we never finished the idea.  We decided to revisit the song as it felt like the new inspiration was meant to be coupled with our original idea.  This song is about wounds, the innocence of children, deceit, loss of trust, and it's a cry out for things to be made right.  We hope the message of this song will speak to those who have been hurt directly or indirectly.

Enjoy UTR's exclusive world premeire of the live/acoustic music video for "Make Something Right":

If you want to learn more about forBrothers, we encourage you to check out our Q&A Interview with the band.

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