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forBrothers World Premiere Video #1 of 3 - “Fall On Me”

posted: April 7th, 2017 by Dave Trout

Hailing from New Jersey, the acoustic rock band forBrothers consists of two sets of brothers with tight harmonies and driving melodies.  Their most recent studio project Fool released in 2015, and UTR named their track "Making Something Right" as one of the top gourmet songs of that year.  Now they have just released a very special new version called Fool {live and acoustic} that showcases this bands exceptional skills. 

We are honored that the band has chosed UTR as the place to offer the world premiere of three music videos from their "Live and Acoustic" sessions -- which we'll be releasing over the next five weeks.  The first is the song "Fall On Me" -- and here's what the band shared about the story behind this song.

Shaant from forBrothers:  "I think everyone is created with the need to 'fall' or rely on someone.  When you find out you can provide that universal need to someone else it's the most beautiful thing.  This is a song that came alive while we were all sitting around the dining room table.  I started singing a line that I had written years prior and the band spontaneously joined in harmony on the chorus 'fall on me.'"


Share this video on social media with this short URL:  Check out the Fool {live and acoustic} digital download or forBrothers physical merchandise.

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