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ETTL Songwriters Bootcamp 2015

posted: April 14th, 2015 by Dave Trout

Escape To The Lake 2015 is rapidly approaching. It's our biggest event of the year, and we are so excited for the gourmet music gathering coming to Conference Point in WI on July 2-5. Some feedback that we received last year let us know that there was an interest in getting more in-depth and hands-on training in the realm of songwriting. So, we are excited to present the first ever ETTL Songwriters Bootcamp.

This is an optional 24 hour experience prior to the start of ETTL 2015. Whether you are songwriting as a profession, a hobby, or even just an appreciator of the craft, this is an amazing opportunity to have some world-class writers pull the curtain back on their inspiration, technique, mistakes, and triumphs.

Check out this amazing lineup of presenters & coaches: John J. Thompson, Christa Wells, Randall Goodgame, Nick Flora, Jesse McNeil, Tim Coons, Matthew Clark, & Christopher Williams. In a word... WOW!

REGISTER HERE to sign up for ETTL (first time) with the option to add this Bootcamp

EMAIL Conference Point HERE if you have already registered for ETTL and would NOW like to add the Bootcamp

The Bootcamp is 11AM July 1 thru 11AM July 2. A seminar of this quality would normally cost several hundred dollars (with no meals included). But this Bootcamp is available to ETTL Registrants for a mere $120... and that *includes* extra lodging and meals. We have discount rates for non-participating adults and children who might be traveling with you.

What's happening during those 24 hours? The Bootcamp will include main sessions, small group coaching, a new song competition, writing free time, and an epic in-the-round concert with all our presenting artists the night of July 1. 

Note: The Bootcamp is only available for folks who have already signed up (or are now signing up) for a full ETTL 2015 registration.

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