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Dave’s Favorite Easter Song of 2015

posted: March 26th, 2015 by Dave Trout

I love celebrating Easter.  The sacrifice of the cross, the victory of the empty tomb, the death of Death itself.  And for me, the joyful representation of the myriad themes of Easter are best displayed through music.  Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of Resurrection-themed songs released every year - and the vast majority won't ever connect with me personally.  But what a treat it is to find those rare gems that can become a soundtrack for one's celebration.

It is my great honor to announce that my personal favorite song of Easter 2015 is: "The Stone" by The Gray Havens.

This indie-folk-pop arrangement, led by a beautiful mandolin riff, creates a timeless musical landscape - and because of the organic nature of the song, it will likely stand the test of time and be enjoyed for years and even decades.  The lyrics take you to the scene of the Resurrection as it unfolds for Christ's followers.  And the voice rings out, "There's none inside the grave," the tempo of the song changes (bold choice!), and becomes a foot-stomping celebration.  Not only are we drawn into the story of the Resurrection, but we are challenged to reflect on that event has changed our future - changing our hearts and breaking the curse.


I had a chance to interview The Gray Havens recently, and asked them for the story behind "The Stone" -

The song starts with the holding out of the elongated word "stone" - and then from there we wanted the listener to jump to asking, "What could that be about?" In this song, it's a double meaning. One is talking about the stone that was rolled away from Christ's tomb as being the first witness to His resurrection.  The second is talking about how stone hearts have been removed from believers and replaced with new hearts - stone hearts are dead and these new hearts that we are given are alive.  The song uses both ideas to share what "the stone" could mean.

Here are the lyrics to "The Stone" by The Gray Havens

The stone heard inside 
The first breath of life 
It rolled as it shook 
By the ground where they stood 
Where the angels stood by 
Oh the sight 

And when the men for fear and dread 
Were hiding safe away 
The door burst wide 
And woman's voice cried 
There's none inside the grave 

There was a way 
Even death he would break 
For the fires that preyed on the innocent 
Burned to the ground 

Torn by the sound of his voice 
To the ground came the oh, oh 
The curtain came finally down 

Curse is broken, now 

Gone the despair in their eyes 
Their song in the night 
That was death now is life so instead there is 

Already won 
For the good, all is done 
To become like the one 
Who would suffer, could suffer 

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh 

We were far, yet 
We were taken from the dark, yes 
Turned from stone to flesh, new hearts, yes 

We were far, yet 
We were taken from the dark, yes 
Turned from stone to flesh, new hearts, yes 
Curse is broken 

Stone brought to life

We will be featuring "The Stone" on the Under The Radar Easter Radio Special 2015, releasing on 4/3/15.  If this is your first time hearing the song, share your comments below!

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Love, love, love this song by The Gray Havens!!  It’s wonderful to think that a tomb, a place associated with death, is also a place where life returned to Jesus.

lefthand30 11:57 AM Fri, Mar 27, 2015

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