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Critics Picks - Top Gourmet Songs of 2010

posted: January 5th, 2011 by Dave Trout

Last week, we announced UTR's Top 11 Gourmet Albums of 2010.  We're not done yet.  We also asked our panel of critics to choose their individual Top 6 Gourmet Songs of 2010.  Since we don't rely on radio charts or popularity poles to gauge the quality of a song, it was left in the subjective hands of each individual panelist to choose the most creative, inspiring, thoughtful, & artistic tracks from the last year.  There was far less overlap in the song choices than with the albums, so there was no way to compile one collaborative list.  So, here are each critic's picks for Top Gourmet Songs of 2010.

[Song qualifies for consideration if from a Christian songwriter/artist and was released between 12/1/09-11/30/10.]



  1. "Not Alone" - Hark the Herons
  2. "The Reckoning (How Long) - Andrew Peterson
  3. "Something in the Water" - Brooke Fraser
  4. "Even Close" - Charlie Dodrill
  5. "You and Your Things" - Joel Auge
  6. TIE: "Higher" - Gungor  AND  "Control" - JJ Heller


  1. "This Ain't Home" - Seabird
  2. "Oh My Stars" - Andrew Belle
  3. "Moving Backwards" - Ben Rector
  4. "Change in the Making" - Addison Road
  5. "Beautiful Things" - Gungor
  6. "Dear Heart" - Sanctus Real



  1. "Out of My Hands" - Jars of Clay
  2. "The Reckoning (How Long)" - Andrew Peterson
  3. "God Gave Me You" - Dave Barnes
  4. "Better than a Hallelujah" - Amy Grant
  5. "Flags" - Brooke Fraser
  6. "No Robots" - The Arrows



  1. "The Lucky Ones" - Emily Deloach
  2. "He Who Feeds the Ravens" - Josh White
  3. "Can't Help Myself" - Sandra McCracken
  4. "You Are Not Alone" - Mavis Staples
  5. "Dancing in the Minefields" - Andrew Peterson
  6. "Blowin' in the Wind" - The McCrary Sisters



  1. "Beautiful Things" - Gungor
  2. "Restless" - Audrey Assad
  3. "My Own True Love" - Rhona Kelley
  4. "A Friend So Kind" - The Choir
  5. "Israelites and Okies" - Lost Dogs
  6. "They Call Me Blood" - Eastern Block



  1. "What Love Really Means" - JJ Heller
  2. "Miracle" - Robbie Seay Band
  3. "Known" - Audrey Assad
  4. "Shelter" - Jars of Clay
  5. "Beautiful Things" - Gungor
  6. "Death In His Grave" - John Mark McMillan



  1. "Don't You Know You're Beautiful" - Seabird
  2. "Beautiful Things" - Gungor
  3. "Dancing in the Minefields" - Andrew Peterson
  4. "Captains of the Sky" - Sky Sailing
  5. "The Fall" - Brendan James
  6. "Too Long Without You" - Reilly



  1. "Ain't No Grave" - Johnny Cash
  2. "Sorrow" - Jon Foreman
  3. "Walls" - The Rocket Summer
  4. "Too Long Without You" - Reilly
  5. "Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go" - Ascend The Hill 
  6. "Brevity" - Lovelite



  1. "Impossible Soul" - Sufjan Stevens
  2. "Planting Trees" - Andrew Peterson
  3. "Justice Will Roll Down" - Sandra McCracken
  4. "Next to Me" - Sleeping at Last
  5. "God's Hometown" - Caedmon's Call
  6. "Gloria" - Milano


What do you think about our picks?  What were some of the best songs of 2010 on your personal list?  Not only is this a great conversation starter, but this list is a great resource of how to cash in those iTunes gift cards you got on Christmas -- nearly 50 amazing songs worth checking out.  And make sure to check out UTR episodes #113 and #114, as we feature many of these top songs of the year.


written by Dave Trout


Comments (6)

Yep some of my favorites were in there:
Impossible Soul
Beautiful Things

GGerhart 04:06 PM Wed, Jan 05, 2011

I Will Find A Way by Jason Gray and Andy Gullahorn.

jmarsh 12:02 AM Thu, Jan 06, 2011

I second “I Will Find A Way” - Jason Gray and Andy Gullahorn

“Many Roads” - Andrew Peterson
“Dancing In The Minefields” - Andrew Peterson
“The Reckonong (How Long)” - Andrew Peterson

lefthand30 02:22 AM Thu, Jan 06, 2011

The Gungor CD really grabbed me and I’d never heard of them before your show - so that’s a result.

Matt 01:44 PM Sat, Jan 08, 2011

Both The Choir and the Lost Dogs would be higher on my list and as far as the Choir is concerned I would choose Burning Like the Midnight Sun or Between Bare Trees over A Friend So Kind.  As far as the Lost Dogs Old Angel album goes I love the whole thing except maybe America’s Main Street.  I really liked Goodbye Winslow and Wicked Guns.

damienmorand 02:06 AM Mon, Jan 17, 2011

Also Caedmon’s Raising Up The Dead was available through their website for 1000 people willing to spend $50 for the premium package with the digital download, t-shirt, and physical CD

damienmorand 02:15 AM Mon, Jan 17, 2011

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