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Critics Picks - Best Gourmet Songs of 2012

posted: January 4th, 2013 by Kelly VE

Hopefully you've taken the time to check out our recently released Top Gourmet Albums of 2012 list. But that isn't the only thing we asked the UTR Critics to help with.  They also submitted what they found to be the most thought-provoking, heart-grabbing, well-crafted individual songs from 2012. As you might suspect, picking top songs based on artistry is a very subjective task, so not surprisingly there is a wide variety of submissions. But if you are looking to cash in an iTunes gift card to cherry pick some excellent tracks, then you will be happy to see over 50 cited song titles worth taking a closer listen to.

[Song qualifies for consideration if from a Christian songwriter/artist and was released between 12/2/11-12/1/12.]


Dave Trout - Under The Radar

  1. "Don't You Want to Thank Someone" - Andrew Peterson
  2. "Voices" - Eric Peters
  3. "Only You Can" - Charlie Peacock
  4. "Fear Thou Not" - Jenny & Tyler
  5. "Got No Friends" - The Vespers
  6. "Something I Didn't Expect" - Jon Troast

John J. Thompson - EMI Publishing / Artist 

  1. "Cross That River"  - The Choir
  2. "Moment to Moment" - Children 18:3
  3. "Namaste" - Aradhna
  4. "My Dear Machine" - Sixpence None the Richer
  5. "Poison" - Hannah Miller
  6. "Lawdy" - The Vespers

Kevin Davis - New Release Tuesday

  1. "The Kingdom" - Starfield
  2. "Blessed Are The Ones" - Audrey Assad
  3. "Rest Easy" - Andrew Peterson
  4. "The Broken" - Bebo Norman
  5. "Oh How I Need You" - All Sons & Daughters
  6. "Better For The Breaking" - Lara Landon

Rachel Buchanan - SAU Radio

  1. "One Thing Remains" - Kristian Stanfill
  2. "Glimpses" - Canons
  3. "He Will Provide" - Gabriel Wilson
  4. "Sparrow" - Audrey Assad
  5. "Lies" - Matthew Parker
  6. "Overcome It" - Waterdeep

Andrew Greer - Christianity Today / CCM Magazine / Artist

  1. "Leaning On You" - Cindy Morgan
  2. "Unto the Hills" - Julie Lee
  3. "Collide" - Bebo Norman
  4. "This Fire" - Ben Rosenbush & The Brighton
  5. "Firstborn Son" - Andrew Osenga
  6. "You and Me" - Sara Watkins

Jeremy Gudauskas - The Union

  1. "Voice of the Lord" - Charlie Peacock
  2. "Got No Friends" - The Vespers
  3. "Fear Thou Not" - Jenny & Tyler
  4. "Sing" - Bellarive
  5. "Calm My Soul" - Paper Route
  6. "Would You Come Home" - Future of Forestry

Dave Wonders - 104.3 The Pulse 

  1. "After All (Holy)" - David Crowder Band
  2. "Fear Thou Not" - Jenny & Tyler
  3. "Oh How I Need You" - All Sons and Daughters
  4. "Lawdy" - The Vespers
  5. "Desert Soul" - Rend Collective Experiment
  6. "Wounded Healer" - The Followers

Jen Rose - Z88.3 / JesusFreakHideout

  1. "Don't You Want to Thank Someone" - Andrew Peterson
  2. "O My Soul" - Audrey Assad
  3. "Hold on Boy" - Andrew Osenga
  4. "Waking Up the Dead" - Matthew Perryman Jones
  5. "Collide" - Bebo Norman
  6. "Touch This Light" - House of Heroes

Amber Bolton - The Underground

  1. "Does Your Heart Break" - The Brilliance
  2. "Calm My Soul" - Paper Route
  3. "When Darkness Falls" - Jenny & Tyler
  4. "Better Now" - The Vespers
  5. "Wherever You Go" - Audrey Assad
  6. "Let Me Feel You Shine" - David Crowder Band

Russ Breimeier - Noisy Whisper / Christianity Today

  1. "The Cornerstone" - Andrew Peterson
  2. "Lament" - Audrey Assad
  3. "Let Me Feel You Shine" - David Crowder Band
  4. "I Am a Symbol" - House of Heroes
  5. "Thinkin' Till the Crack of Dawn" - Charlie Peacock
  6. "At the End of Me" - Bebo Norman

If nothing else, we hope this can spark a conversation. Do any of our Best Gourmet Songs of 2012 match the selections that would make your list? What tracks that weren't cited here would be on your personal list? And... are there any songs that you'll likely give a closer listen to because they got listed? Hope you'll check out these excellent tunes and enjoy being musically refreshed as you start 2013.

Comments (2)

I agree with Russ that AP’s “Cornerstone” is just fabulous.

besure 06:33 AM Sat, Jan 05, 2013

My personal favorites this year:
1. “See the Conqueror” - Jenny & Tyler
2. “King of the Ball” - Soma Music
3. “Mystic” - Charlie Peacock
4. “Lion of Judah” - The Ramshackle Orchestra
5. “Not Scared Here/Swing Low” - Tim Coons
6. “All Creatures” - Kings Kaleidoscope
7. “Sweet Submission” - The Followers
8. “Better Now” - The Vespers
I haven’t seen it covered on this site yet but Soma Music has been putting out good music that is worth checking out.  “King of the Ball” is a fantastic song; a worship song with the lyric “beautiful circus of crazies and freaks” has got to be a first.  Also, the Mars Hill bands have been putting out some very creative music the last couple years.  And I love just about every song on The Vespers, Jenny & Tyler, Charlie Peacock, The Followers, The Welcome Wagon, & Tim Coons releases this year.

fillpower86 05:23 PM Sat, Jan 05, 2013

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