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Creativity: Does it Matter?

posted: July 14th, 2009 by Dave Trout

Two weeks ago, music fans worldwide were shocked to hear that Michael Jackson had died at the age of 50. Regardless of your musical taste and impressions about his private life, the chatter on Twitter & Facebook shows two quite universal impressions people have about Michael. (1) He lived a tragic life. From the way he was exploited as a child to all the identity issues, we all watched the wild ride of a lonely and broken individual. (2) He was one of the most talented and creative musicians in pop music history. Even non-fans admit that his creativity and raw talent could not be denied.

Sara GrovesIn life, we as a culture focused all too much on Michael's brokenness and flawed life. In death, thankfully, we look beyond dark corners and celebrate the talent. I don't think I had listened to one of his songs in nearly a decade. But like many others, I found myself on Friday morning, listening to "Billy Jean" on the way to work, saying to myself "Wow, I forgot how good this song was." It's no surprise that Michael's greatest hits CD has been one of the top downloaded albums on iTunes for the last 2 weeks.

This has caused me to think about the power of creativity. There are very few celebrities who (just a few months ago) had more negative public perception than Michael. Although those perceptions will never be fully shaken, the last 2 weeks have shown our willingness to allow Michael Jackson's legacy to be his groundbreaking creativity and eclectic song catalogue. Talent overshadowed even our tabloid perceptions.

There's a spiritual power in creativity. Good art draws us closer to our Creator. God has redeemed every aspect of life, even what fallen humans create. On the next episode of "Under the Radar" I'm playing a song by Sara Groves that encourages us to honor God through celebrating how we can add to the beauty of this world to better reflect God's grace.

Through music, other arts, acts of service, and our love, we can draw others around us to the Father by displaying His creativity in our lives. We're all fallen and fragile vesicles, but we very well may be remembered by the creativity we added to this world. Let's strive to honor God by doing wonderful & beautiful new things in His name.

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