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Church is Not a Place

posted: August 6th, 2009 by Dave Trout

Does your church have an usher like mine? At 10:28AM, he's strolling the foyer giving folks a 2-minute warning. When the praise music begins at 10:30, he starts exclaiming, "Let's go folks! You're going to be late for church!" He's even been seen breaking up conversations in his zealous attempt to get people in the pews on time.

Unfortunately, my definition of church is vastly different from my usher's. I remember a few years ago at a different church, I was having a very deep and meaningful conversation with a friend in the hallway - while the praise music was playing inside the auditorium. After our talk, he apologized that he had caused me to miss some of church. I quickly responded, "What are you talking about? THIS is church! We are the church!"Downhere

One of the songs I'm playing on this weekend's program was a special request from Ben in Georgia called "Cathedral Made of People." In the last several months, I've been digging deeper into the music of Downhere, and they are quickly becoming (and I don't say this lightly) one of my favorite bands of all-time! I need no excuse to play a Downhere song - so it was easy to fulfill this listener suggestion.

In typical Downhere fashion, you get to hear a well crafted song and is artistically strong and lyrically deep. The song asks if your faith would stand in the midst of persecution - or if we've become dependent on the symbols of Christianity. Do we trust that God's Spirit is at work in the believer's life even apart from church attendance or the number of devotionals one's read?

The song echoes the message of 1 Peter 2:5, "You are living stones that God is building into his spiritual temple." The Church is not made of brick & mortar. It's you. It's me. And the gates of Hell cannot overcome us!

[FYI... I had a chance to hang out with Downhere for about 30 minutes at GMA Music Week this last Spring. They were very encouraging toward the concept and vision of "Under The Radar." This song was the first one they recommended as a fit for the program.]

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