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Best Gourmet Music Videos of 2016

posted: December 13th, 2016 by Dave Trout

Music videos are easy to miss these days with social media being the main vehicle for distribution. So we did our best (maybe missed a few) to find and share the 9 best "gourmet" music videos of 2016, and curate them all onto one page for your viewing pleasure.  [We specifically looked for songs that fit the UTR vibe and not just "big budget" videos.  Also we only considered "official videos" - not creative lyric videos or live acoustic performances. These are listed in no particular order.]

Colony House - You & I

The Chapman boys take sibling rivalry and turn it up to 11! The song is hot, and the video is totally unique in concept and execution. Can't wait for their new album this January.

Gungor - Love Is All

In September, Gungor released a trio of videos, one from each of their One Life Soul trilogy. The middle one was the best release, using some complex live-stop-motion to tell the story. Warning: You do see a guy's booty.

Joseph - White Flag

These Portland-based sisters have gotten a lot of national mainstream buzz in recent months. "White Flag" is beautiful cinematography set to one of 2016's best songs.

Switchfoot - Float

This video not only showcases Switchfoot's musical diversity with some neo-funk, but was also filmed on location in one of the poorest villages in The Philippines. The joy emanating from the band members is palpable.

The Mosleys - Come Back

This tender folk song about family captures the Mosley family in action - and the shoestring budget video was filmed beautifully. The song is like hot cocoa for the soul.

Ben Rector - Brand New

One of 2016's breakout hits "Brand New" takes over a 6 Flags theme park.  Seeing Ben Rector blackout on a ride is worth the price of admission.

Steve Taylor & The Danielson Foil - Wow To The Deadness

Folks might have a love/hate response to this (very wet) video, but we lean on the "love" side.  The originality, quirkiness, & creativity here are trademarks of Steve Taylor's career.

SHEL - Rooftop

This video is bright, playful, & fun - an excellent reflection of the Holbrook sisters.  If you're not careful, you might start beatboxing along with Liza.

Judah & The Lion - Take It All Back 2.0

Usually a video with concert/tour footage won't make a "best videos" list, but they did some unique editing and effects that help take this song (and their career) to new heights.


Share with us, which of these did you just discover?  Do any of them stand out to you personally?  Are there other gourmet music videos you'd like to give a nod to?  Tell us below.

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You missed A Tree House Wait and the video of their song “Faith”. A very moving song and enjoyable video too.

Keith W. 08:13 AM Wed, Dec 14, 2016

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