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Best Gourmet Music Videos of 2015

posted: December 9th, 2015 by Dave Trout

This is the first year that we decided to feature some of the best gourmet music videos that caught our attention in 2015.  Music videos are easy to miss these days with social media being the main vehicle for distribution.  So with the understanding that we did our best, but maybe missed a few video gems, we are thrilled to compile nine of gourmet music's best videos of 2015 all in one place.  [We specifically looked for songs that fit the UTR vibe and not just "big budget" videos.  Also we only considered "official videos" - not creative lyric videos or live acoustic performancesThese are listed in no particular order.]

SHEL - You Could Be My Baby

This video gem was released exclusively at ArtRocker Magazine in July 2015, and even though it's not yet a "public" video on YouTube, it has already tallied 10,000 views!

The Gray Havens - Sirens

We're cheating a little bit because this video was officially released on 12/16/14, but that's close enough (the song was released in January 2015).  Congrats to Bobby Bennett who did all the filming & animation for this A+ video. It was the winner of 2015 Best Music Video at Frog Baby Film Festival at Ball State University.

Colony House - Waiting For My Time To Come

In the first half of 2015, this trio released a new version of their 2014 song "Waiting For My Time to Come" - and this ultra-creative stop-motion video was just released on 10/20/15.


Jess Ray - Runaway

This video masterfully puts skin and bones on a deeply spiritual song, and it's one of the year's best concept videos (kudos to Portico Pictures).


Josh Garrels - Long Way Home

This video released on 10/2/15, and it's not easy to have a high quality shot filmed entirely at night - but it fits the theme of this song perfectly.


Giants & Pilgrims - Elixirs

Extra brownie points awarded for this video's year-plus production! This follows Lucy and Harriet Coons through an entire year of visiting their favorite woods in every season (and you see the girls age as well).

Giants and Pilgrims "Elixirs" Official Video from Giants and Pilgrims on Vimeo.


Ben Rector - Paris

Paris is in the thoughts of a lot of people these days. But in this video released 8/19/15, the city plays the perfect backdrop to one of Ben's new love songs from his album Brand New.


Jon Foreman - Caroline

Simply put, it's a beautifully filmed piece with well-placed time-lapse shots.  Having a killer song doesn't hurt either.


Gungor - Light

Hands down the most personal and vulnerable music video of the year.  In 2014, Michael and Lisa Gungor welcomed a baby girl with Down Syndrome into their family and named her Lucette, which means "light." The message is simple: every life matters... even those, maybe especially those, with special needs.


Share with us, which of these did you just discover?  Do any of them stand out to you personally?  Are there other gourmet music videos you'd like to give a nod to?  Tell us below.

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