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An Indie Artist in a Down Economy

posted: May 14th, 2009 by Dave Trout

On the last day of GMA Music Week 2009, I left my hotel and drove to a neighborhood eatery in Nashville called the Pied Piper. It was at this small sandwich shop that I finally met Eric Peters in person. Eric is an "under the radar" artist, for sure - and those who don't know about the Square Peg Alliance have likely never heard of him. He's a singer-songwriter that is writing honest and thoughtful music, and is currently in the studio working on his sixth album. [I'm playing his 2003 song "Love is Real" on this weekend's edition of UTR.]

Over sandwiches and fries, we talked about families, ministry roles, and how the down economy seems to affect quite a lot. It's always helpful to put a face behind a song; a family behind a face; bills & groceries behind a family.

Eric is an independent artist... by choice. When I was growing up, if you weren't on a major record label it meant that you weren't good enough - you didn't cut the mustard. Not today. With the advent of iTunes, MySpace, Facebook, Amazon, & Twitter (to name a few), it is becoming easier to "make it" as an independent artist. And frankly some of the BEST music being made is sans record label. These indie artists rely on playing gigs and selling merchandise - and for Christian artists that often means a church venue.

"Church budgets are getting slashed," Eric shared. "This is the worst I've seen it in 15 years." For a husband and father of two (including a newborn), Eric would love to have more steady work and thus steady income. We brainstormed some small ways "Under The Radar" can help.

Now, here's an offer for you. Do you belong to a radio station or church that likes to host events? If the timing & finances work out, Eric is willing to play for a low honorarium or even for a free-will offering. You would be blessing a great guy & family, and I am confident you would be blessed by Eric's music & ministry in return. Learn more at

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