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6 Things I Love About Sara Groves

posted: August 22nd, 2011 by Dave Trout

Last week, I had the honor of spending a couple of days with one of my all-time favorite singer-songwriters, Sara Groves.  On August 14, she headlined a benefit concert in Elmhurst, Illinois which I helped to organize.  On August 15, Sara, Troy, & friends hung out with us in Palos Heights, Illinois in the Under The Radar studios for an interview and private concert.  It was such a rich experience that I could probably type 60 things… but I’ll limit myself to SIX things I love about Sara Groves, based on our recent time together.

1)  Family.  Sara & Troy made a conscious decision to keep their kids with them while they travel, if at all possible.  As Sara told me, “We are very much TEAM GROVES – that’s the way we approach our family, life, and marriage.”

2)  Humility.  I searched and searched, but couldn’t find 1 ounce of “diva” or “celebrity” in Sara.  She is kind, understanding, friendly, and gracious.  I walk away from time with them, thinking, “Boy, I wish The Groves could be my next door neighbor.”  Their down-to-earth presence was completely refreshing.

3)  Vulnerability.  She is a real person who is not afraid to share the struggles and challenges she faces in her journey.  At the concert in the UTR studios, she shared about how she’s had to deal with panic attacks for the last 3 years.  She then played the song she wrote on the subject (yes, vulnerable songwriting too) called “From This One Place.”  Watch a video of that Story & Song HERE.

4)  Funny.  On stage and off, you can tell that she loves to laugh and really enjoys life to the max.  She put a smile on the face of everyone she interacted with.

5)  Visionary.  The Groves would have every right to enjoy the status quo of a recording/performing ministry that touches tens of thousands.  Still, they make it clear that they are following God’s lead.  This has allowed them to be a leadership example when it comes to serving the poor and oppressed.  They are also moving one town over to St. Paul, MN, to establish Art House North – a place to foster community among artists.

6)  Music.  On the 14th, I was “Martha” – juggling way too many details as the organizer.  On the 15th, I could be a little more like “Mary” – just sitting and soaking in the melodies and lyrics and stories.  I was completely refreshed and edified by the experience.  I was also again reminded at how deep and rich her entire catalog of music is.  She can play a 10-yr-old song “Conversations”  or her 6-yr-old song “You Are The Sun” or her 2-yr-old song “Joy Is In Our Hearts” – and they all showcase a depth of spirituality and a strength of creativity.

We were also happy to learn that Sara has just finished her 10th album, Invisible Empires, which will be released this October.  We have other exciting things lined up for fellow Sara fans, including a special interview episode on Under The Radar, and this fall we’ll also have a contest to giveaway her entire discography.

How about you?  What’s your take on Sara the person or Sara the musician?

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Sara Groves is definitely the REAL DEAL!!  I had the privilege of seeing her perform and meeting her on August 13th, just one evening before you had the chance to tag along with the Groves family.
A little background…I have been listening to Sara Groves for about 10 years now.  During the Spring of 2008 I went through a terrible time with Post-Partum Depression after the birth of our son (child #4).  During that time, her music was such a blessing and ministered to my heart so much I don’t think I can adequately put it into words.  Especially her very first album, Past the Wishing.  I felt like it was me speaking…it reflected the heart I had for God and the desire to grow closer to Him.  Many days as I tried to push through the cloudiness I felt, I prayed and sang out to the Lord along with Sara’s songs.  Everyday Miracles still brings me to tears when I hear it because at that point in my life I had to cling to the little things God was doing for me and find the small blessings He was still allowing me to experience in the midst of huge trials.
  I consider her to be one of my spiritual mentors, I really do.  Every time I have heard her speak in an interview or on Family Life Today, I felt like I could relate to her as a fellow mom, sister in Christ, girlfriend, wife.  I think she has a wonderful gift of being REAL and vulnerable and transparent and expressing her heart in her music.
All that to say, I have wanted to meet her for years and just be able to tell her personally how much she had meant to me.  A few years ago I had tickets to a Christmas concert, but was very sick and had to give them away.  Two weeks ago I found out she was going to be at a small Bible Conference Center just an hour from where I live, so I recruited some of my closest girlfriends and we made the trip.  It was a little disappointing because the “special reserved” seating we received as part of eating in the camp’s dining hall that night, ended up being sectioned off on the side of the auditorium at the end of the piano.  So I never really got to see her face as she sang and her hands as she played, but just to be there and listen to her was amazing and such a blessing to my heart and life!  She has a voice in concert that is exactly like her albums.  Very smooth and beautiful “live”.
Afterwards I was pleasantly surprised to see that she took the time to meet and greet anyone that stood in line waiting to talk to her.  She was so genuine as she made small talk with those in line and took pictures and signed CD’s.  When it got to me, I couldn’t help but tear up as I expressed what a blessing she has been to me personally.  She gave me a hug and we took some pictures together.  It was a wonderful night which I won’t soon forget.  I know it was long, but that is my take on Sara Groves smile
Samantha Denning

sjdenning 04:27 PM Thu, Aug 25, 2011

Hi Dave,
We were at the concert at Elmhurst with family that night (although we live near Buffalo - so worth the drive).  I am kind of amazed at what you posted here, because after that concert I wrote down things that I am thankful for about Sara and Troy Groves.  Not surprisingly, there are intersections with my list and yours.  Pretty clear that they have changed our lives and we are much richer for knowing them.  While Sara’s music is what initially drew us to her, the people that they are and how they live for Christ encourages us so much.  There are several areas of ministry that we are now involved with that are a direct result of their work and hearts.  I love to introduce her music to friends who aren’t yet aware of the beauty of it (getting harder to find people like that) and know that they are in for a real treat.  Thanks so much for your work at the concert and posting this.
Cliff and Debbie Miller

CliffandDeb 09:40 PM Thu, Aug 25, 2011

Sara Groves has been my all time favorite artist for many years and I have a dream to open for her someday. I so appreciate her beauty - you can see her heart and it is gorgeous. Thanks for this post…and thanks for playing my tunes on your podcast. Love you guys and happy for the discovery!

JoyIke 03:28 AM Sat, Sep 17, 2011

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