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Episode #210 - UTR’s 4th Anniversary

posted: November 16th, 2012

Episode Artists:
Josh Garrels, Talain Rayne, Andrew Peterson, Cindy Morgan, Tommy Sims, The Lost Dogs, JJ Heller, Sufjan Stevens, Gungor, Jenny & Tyler, Eric Peters, Switchfoot

Episode #178 - Special Guest: Steve Taylor

posted: April 13th, 2012

Episode Artists:
Kate Lynne Logan, Steve Taylor, Talain Rayne, Steve Taylor, Lori Chaffer, Chagall Guevara, Andy Gullahorn, The Arrows, Jeremy Casella, Katie Herzig, Steve Taylor

Episode #148 All Requests (A)

posted: September 16th, 2011

Episode Artists:
The Welcome Wagon, Andrew Ripp, The Civil Wars, Gungor, Will Retherford, Talain Rayne w/ Meg Lynch, Joy Ike, PFR, Owl City, Jason Gray, Audrey Assad, Adrian Bourgeois, Andrew Belle, Shawn McDonald

Episode #137 - Top Requests of 2011A

posted: June 24th, 2011

Episode Artists:
Joel Auge, Dave Barnes, Damion Suomi, Justin McRoberts, Sara Groves, Deas Vail, Rich Mullins, Jenny & Tyler, Talain Rayne, Michael Gungor Band, Elenowen, Burlap to Cashmere, Melody Olson

Episode #132

posted: May 20th, 2011

Episode Artists:
Talain Rayne, John Waller, John Waller, Mandi Mapes, According To John, Zach Williams, John Waller, Ghost Ship, Brooke Annibale, Bruce Carroll, John Waller