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All Cover Songs - Episode #362

posted: October 21st, 2016

In planning our final radio shows, one of the fan-favorite themes that's just pure fun is when we do all cover songs, so I was happy we could do this one more time in this era of UTR.  We are excited to share some UTR artists putting their own reimagined creativity on some prior classics, sometimes allowing the song to take on a new meaning when experienced through the lense of a different artist.  The …Read More »
Episode Artists:
Shaun Groves, Justin McRoberts, Christa Wells, 77s, Andrew Osenga, Mindy Smith, Ben Rector, Jenny & Tyler, Jessica Campbell, Eric Peters, Pierce Pettis, Sleeping At Last

Stories Behind The Songs, Pt. 1 - Episode #347

posted: May 27th, 2016

I have been personally excited for this episode for quite some time. It takes a lot of extra time and effort to put together shows like these, where we have to dig through dozens of artist interviews in our archives.  I believe that the end result is definitely worth it.  I had a lightbulb moment in the pre-production stage, which is, no other podcast really has the wealth of high quality artist interviews to be …Read More »
Episode Artists:
Audrey Assad, Andy Gullahorn, Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil, Jenny & Tyler, Micah Dalton, Julie Lee, Justin McRoberts, Jessica Campbell, Jon Troast

Best Christmas Albums of 2015 - Episode #331

posted: November 30th, 2015

With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, it's time to start prepping for Christmas! You might love Christmas music as much as we do, but it's becoming harder to find and enjoy the new Advent-themed music that's released each year.  We continue our tradition of sifting through it all to find the diamonds in the rough.  We are counting down our picks for the 6 best Christmas albums of 2015 - with half of the …Read More »
Episode Artists:
Justin McRoberts, Nick Flora & Stacy Lantz, The Many, We Are The Monks, Ginny Owens, Take 6, Ron Block, Gungor

Special interview guest Sara Groves - Episode #328

posted: November 13th, 2015

We couldn't return with a bigger bang after a 5-week hiatus than by welcoming the female artist we have played the most in the history of UTR, Sara Groves.  I recorded this interview in July 2014 at Escape To The Lake, and she had just finished recording her latest album "Floodplain," which just released on 11/6/15.  It was great to explore some of the unique process that went into the making of this new CD. …Read More »
Episode Artists:
Justin McRoberts, Sara Groves , Josh Garrels, Sara Groves, Sons of Korah, Sara Groves, Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, Sara Groves , Sandra McCracken, Sara Groves

Interview Guest JJ Heller - Episode #324

posted: September 4th, 2015

Ever since getting a pre-release copy of the new JJ Heller album "Sound Of A Living Heart," I have been enjoying the sonic landscape and spiritually centered lyrics.  As CCM Magazine recently said, "Heller’s new batch skillfully encourages" the listener with honest and catchy songs.  I have been a fan of JJ's music for many years, but I can honestly say that I believe "SOALH" is her career best effort to date.  I was thrilled …Read More »
Episode Artists:
Jon Foreman, JJ Heller, Ben Rector, JJ Heller, Cindy Morgan, JJ Heller, Justin McRoberts, JJ Heller, Gungor, PFR, JJ Heller

Interview Guest Justin McRoberts - Episode #308

posted: March 20th, 2015

There's an "Escape To The Lake" theme woven into the fabric of this episode.  This interview with Justin was actually recorded in a quiet corner at last year's ETTL.  Since he's coming back again this year, we are using the opportunity to share some of the music of other artists who will be at ETTL 2015.  Plus Justin is a great guy to talk to - funny, insightful, and willing to shoot straight.  And it's …Read More »
Episode Artists:
The Vespers, Justin McRoberts, Ginny Owens, Greg Adkins, Justin McRoberts, Joy Ike, Jenny & Tyler, Justin McRoberts, SHEL, Justin McRoberts

Escape to the Lake 2014 Recap - Episode #285

posted: August 1st, 2014

While it's impossible to sum up Escape To The Lake in a 1-hour show, it's fun to produce an overview episode each year.  The interview clips are substantial - I love what Micah Dalton said about how some artists caught in the in-between, not fully embraced by the club scene and not fully embraced by the church scene, can find a home at ETTL.  And I also love how Justin McRoberts took time to praise …Read More »
Episode Artists:
Giants & Pilgrims, Jason Gray, Tanya Godsey, Son of Laughter, Sara Groves, Waterdeep, Justin McRoberts, Micah Dalton, Caroline Cobb, Burlap to Cashmere

Cover Songs - Episode #274

posted: April 4th, 2014

Episode Artists:
Mavis Staples, Tim Coons, Phil Keaggy, The Civil Wars, Take 6, Micah Dalton, Jenny & Tyler, Mike Farris & The Cumberland Saints, Justin McRoberts, Jason Harrod, Bethany Dillon, la poema

Episode #265 - Special Guest: Julie Lee

posted: January 17th, 2014

Episode Artists:
Josh Harmony, Julie Lee, Julie Lee, David Story, Julie Lee, Justin McRoberts, Julie Lee, Allen Levi, Charlie Peacock, Julie Lee

Episode #251 - All Listener Request: Part 1

posted: September 27th, 2013

Episode Artists:
Derek Webb, Seryn, Eric Peters, Nathan Clark George, Chelsey Scott, Justin McRoberts, Melanie Penn, Green River Ordinance, Andrew Peterson, PFR, Jenny & Tyler, Kye Kye

Episode #243 - Prayer Songs

posted: August 9th, 2013

Episode Artists:
Jon Foreman, The Waiting, Justin McRoberts, Ellie Holcomb, Tara Leigh Cobble, Jars of Clay, Corby LaCroix, Robbie Seay Band, Sara Groves, Jake Armerding, Jeana & Michael Master, Andrew Osenga

Episode #219 - Bonus Podcast with Eric Peters

posted: January 22nd, 2013

Episode Artists:
Justin McRoberts, Ridgely, Eric Peters, The Vespers, Eric Peters, Andrew Osenga, Eric Peters, Waterdeep, Bread of Stone, Eric Peters, Jenny & Tyler, Eric Peters, Jason Gray, Eric Peters

Episode #96 - The Civil Wars, Laura Story, & John Mark McMillan

posted: January 27th, 2012

Episode Artists:
Shawn McDonald, Future Of Forestry, The Civil Wars, John Mark McMillan, Jason Upton, Sixpence None The Richer, Burlap to Cashmere, Jonny Lang, Laura Story, Thad Cockrell, Justin McRoberts

Episode #151 - Special Guest: Matt Wertz

posted: September 30th, 2011

Episode Artists:
Matt Wertz, Justin McRoberts, Matt Wertz, All Sons & Daughters, Matt Wertz, Audrey Assad, Matt Wertz, Christa Wells, Shaun Groves, Sarah Masen, Matt Wertz

Episode #137 - Top Requests of 2011A

posted: June 24th, 2011

Episode Artists:
Joel Auge, Dave Barnes, Damion Suomi, Justin McRoberts, Sara Groves, Deas Vail, Rich Mullins, Jenny & Tyler, Talain Rayne, Michael Gungor Band, Elenowen, Burlap to Cashmere, Melody Olson

Episode #124

posted: April 1st, 2011

Episode Artists:
Sixpence None the Richer, The Civil Wars, Jason Gray, Justin McRoberts, David Crowder Band, Ashley Cleveland, Switchfoot, Sara Groves, Robbie Seay Band, Matt Brouwer, McCrary Sisters, Jars of Clay

Episode #107

posted: November 23rd, 2010

Episode Artists:
Andrew Osenga, Mark Mathis, Jars of Clay, Jill Phillips, Jon Foreman, Eric Peters, Julie Lee, Phil Wickham, Johnny Cash, Randall Goodgame, Matt Papa, Andrew Peterson, Justin McRoberts, Jason Gray, Kate Hurley, Tommy Sims, Downhere

Episode #96

posted: September 10th, 2010

Episode Artists:
Shawn McDonald, Future of Forestry, The Civil Wars, John Mark McMillan, Jason Upton, Sixpence None The Richer, Burlap to Cashmere, Jonny Lang, Laura Story, Thad Cockrell, Justin McRoberts

Episode #82

posted: June 4th, 2010

Episode Artists:
Justin McRoberts, Sara Groves, The Civil Wars, Sara Groves, Sufjan Stevens, Sara Groves, Satellite Soul, Aaron Strumpel, Andrew Peterson, PFR, Sara Groves

Episode #68

posted: February 27th, 2010

Episode Artists:
Jeremy Casella, Adie, Jennifer Knapp, Delirious, Randy Stonehill & Phil Keaggy, Beau Bristow, The Innocence Mission, Justin McRoberts, Bo Warren, Ashley Cleveland, Newsboys

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