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Andrew Peterson Guest Co-hosts - Episode #135

posted: July 17th, 2015

I remember interviewing AP and letting him take the reins for one episode.  We had already done it with Eric Peters and Andy Osenga, and those were a hit - but I also noticed the patern that they wanted to affirm their musician friends.  So I encouraged AP to thing outside the "Square Peg" box when picking songs, and he came up with an amazing playlist that we all will enjoy.  Plus it was just …Read More »
Episode Artists:
Steven Delopoulos, Pierce Pettis, David Wilcox, Waterdeep, Melanie Penn, Johnny Cash, Judd and Maggie , Andrew Peterson, The Innocence Mission, Adam Wheatley, Mark Heard

All Radar Rewinds with Interview Guest Cindy Morgan - Episode #316

posted: May 22nd, 2015

Each week on UTR we honor yesteryear by playing a Radar Rewind, which means we dust off a song that's 15+ years old and give it some well-deserved attention once again.  It's been an important trademark of UTR since day one.  This week, we put the entire spotlight on the past as ALL the song are Radar Rewinds.  And since it's "Interview Month" we found the perfect guest to help us out.  12-time Dove Award-winner …Read More »
Episode Artists:
Cindy Morgan, Cindy Morgan, Rich Mullins, Cindy Morgan, David Wilcox, Cindy Morgan, Mark Heard, Cindy Morgan, Big Tent Revival, White Heart, Cindy Morgan

Social Justice Songs - Episode #293

posted: September 19th, 2014

This episode has been in development longer than (possibly) any other episode we've done.  We decided we wanted to do a show on the theme of social justice around 4 years ago, and started picking out songs and collecting interview clips on that topic.  Usually once each year, I have had this episode on our production calendar, and for various reasons - mostly related to our lack of available time to research and seek out …Read More »
Episode Artists:
Christa Wells, Melody Olson, Caedmon's Call, Jenny & Tyler, David Wilcox, Gungor, Sara Groves, Leeland, Mark Heard, Kenny Meeks, Lori Chaffer, Sarah Masen, Me In Motion

Episode #258 - Thanksgiving Special

posted: November 27th, 2013

Episode Artists:
Jill Phillips, Kimmy Vos, Caedmon's Call, Gersh, Jars of Clay, Tanya Godsey, Shaun Groves, Sarah Reeves , Geoff Moore, Margaret Becker, David Wilcox

Episode #180: All Listener Requests

posted: April 27th, 2012

Episode Artists:
William Fitzsimmons, The Vespers, Audrey Assad, Caleb, Ben Shive, Johnny Cash, Christy Nockels, Tyrone Wells, Josh Garrels, David Wilcox, Over the Rhine, My Epic

Exclusives: David Wilcox - “Someday Soon”

posted: July 22nd, 2011 by Dave Trout

Episode #141 - 2011 Wild Goose Festival

posted: July 22nd, 2011

Episode Artists:
Derek Webb, Caedmon's Call, Liz Janes, David Wilcox, Over the Rhine, Ashley Cleveland, Andy Gullahorn, Andrew Osenga, Julie Lee, Purrington, Andrew Osenga

Episode #135 - Andrew Peterson Co-Hosts

posted: June 10th, 2011

Episode Artists:
Steven Delopoulos, Andrew Peterson, Pierce Pettis, David Wilcox, Waterdeep, Melanie Penn, Johnny Cash, Judd and Maggie, The Innocence Mission, Adam Wheatley, Mark Heard

Episode #79

posted: May 21st, 2010

Episode Artists:
Ben Shive, Jonathan Rundman, Phillip LaRue, Beckah Shae, David Wilcox, Jared Wood, Over the Rhine, Caedmon´┐Żs Call, Jason Gray, Dividing the Plunder, Scott Kemper, Andy Gullahorn

Episode #50

posted: November 6th, 2009

Episode Artists:
Downhere, NEEDTOBREATHE, Sandra McCracken, Danyew, David Wilcox, The Southern Sea, Karla Adolphe, The Welcome Wagon, Ben Shive, Breanna Paletta, Everfound, Bill Mallonee and Vigilantes of Love

Episode #35

posted: July 10th, 2009

Episode Artists:
Jermey Casella, Bruce Cockburn, Sandra McCracken, Waterdeep, David Wilcox, Jake Armerding, Sara Groves, Gersh, Joy Whitlock, Rush of Fools, Jason Gray